Video: Teaching accessibility: 10 messages from research @ Inclusive Design 24, 10 October 2019

Captioned video is now available from Sarah Lewthwaite’s talk ‘Teaching accessibility: 10 messages from research’ at Inclusive Design 24 on 10th October 2019. This talk introduces evidence-based principles from educational research that can be applied in the teaching and learning of accessibility.

Sarah Lewthwaite presentation to Inclusive Design 24: 10 October 2019

Abstract: Teaching accessibility: 10 messages from research

This is a talk for everyone who talks about accessibility. People need to know more about accessibility, but it can be challenging to teach. It requires a unique mix of conceptual understanding, technical skill and procedural knowledge. In this talk I will introduce 10 teaching tools – principles and strategies for effective pedagogy – that are drawn from more than a decade of empirical academic research in education. Join me to expand your educational repertoire, so you can more effectively share accessibility with colleagues, teams and wider audiences.

Other talks from this wide-ranging and dynamic conference are available via ID24’s YouTube channel.

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